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One thought on “A Very Short Introduction To Modern Art – Looney Tunes Version

  • May 17, 2017 at 10:48 pm

    Louvre Art:
    1. The Guard Room (Louis Le Nain)
    2. The Beggers (Bruegel the Elder)
    3. Whistler’s Mother
    4. Dream of Joachim (Giotto)
    5. (1498) Self-Portrait by Durer
    6. Portrait of a Lady (Van der Weyden)
    7. Portrait of Nicolas Kratzer (Holbein the Younger)
    8. (1940) Self-Portrait with a Monkey (Frida Kahlo)
    9. (1907) Self-Portrait by Picasso
    10. The Gleaners (Millet)
    11. Le Mezzetin (Watteau)
    12. La Primavera (Botticelli)
    13. The Duet (ter Brugghen)
    14. Carnival of Harlequin (Miro)
    15. The Boy with a Club Foot (Ribera)


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