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Art History Lab  is an edutainment website, focusing on creating educational & entertaining articles, quizzes, reviews and summaries in the area of art history and theory. At the same time, it is the most important online catalogue of free art history resources on the internet.We did not limit ourselves to English language materials and we included the other four major European languages: French, German, Italian and Spanish, and my own native language, Romanian. The site brings together online courses, lectures & symposia, e-articles & e-books by respected professors and scholars, interviews & conversations with artists, art critics and art historians, films & documentaries about the visual arts or made by artists. This is the best place to start your journey through the field of art history, especially if you are a student, teacher, researcher or a person interested in studying art history.

All the content is edited by Alin Chirculescu. Find me on Twitter:  @ArtHistoryLab or @Al_Chirculescu

Copyright Policy

Art History Lab does not create or store any of the videos featured on the site. In the five categories listed above, I will include only courses, lectures, interviews, conversations, films and documentaries which are uploaded by institutions or individuals who own the copyright. There are many interesting  video courses, lectures, interviews, films and documentaries online (videos on YouTube, Vimeo and similar channels), but I am unsure if they are respecting the copyright law. I will discuss these videos in my future blogs, but they will not be included in the categories mentioned above. If I receive any complaints about a video being copied illegally and the video is mentioned on the site, I will immediately delete it. I accept complaints from the copyright owner or an authorized person who represents the owner. 


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