A great collection of free art history articles, essays and reviews by important scholars in the field.

History of Art


Books & Essays by James Elkins – Open Access

Topics: Visual Practices Across the University • Art History versus Aesthetics • Master Narratives and Their Discontents • Artists with PhDs, Pictures and the Words That Fail Them • Visual Literacy, Pictures and Tears – What Painting Is • What Photography Is • Stories of Art • Against the Sublime • Art History and Computer-Generated Images • From Original to Copy and Back Again • On the Impossibility of Close Reading • There is No Such Thing as Outsider Art • Art History as a Global Discipline • Why Art Historians Should Learn to Draw and Paint • Art History in Smaller Countries • On The Unrepresentable in Pictures • David Hockney’s Theories • Why Nothing Can be Accomplished in Painting • Proposal for an Ideal Text on World Art • English is the Language of Art History • Writing on Modernist Painting Outside Europe

Books & Articles  by David FreedbergOpen Access

Topics: Peter Paul Rubens. Oil Paintings and Oil Sketches • Joseph Kosuth: The Play of the Unmentionable • Iconoclasts and their Motives • Dürer’s Limbs • Pathos at Oraibi: What Warburg did not see • Warburg’s Mask: A Study in Idolatry  • Why Connoisseurship Matters • Motion, Emotion and Empathy in Aesthetic Experience • Iconography between the History of Art and the History of Science: Art • Rubens and Titian: Art and Politics • Holy Images and Other Images • Painting and the Counter Reformation in the Age of Rubens • Cassiano and the Art of Natural History • The Problem of Classicism: Ideology and Power • Science, Commerce and Art: Neglected Topics at the junction of History and Art History • The Hidden God: Image and Interdiction in the Netherlands in the Sixteenth Century • The Structure of Byzantine and European Iconoclasm

Papers, Articles & Reviews by Ernst Gombrich Open Access 

Topics: Reflections on teaching art history in art schools • The Emptying of Museums • On Pride and Prejudice in the Arts • Aby Warburg: His Aims and Methods: An Anniversary Lecture • From Archaeology to Art History: Some Stages in the Rediscovery of the Romanesque • Topos and Topicality • Kunstliteratur • Portrait Painting and Portrait Photography • The Principles of Caricature • Traditión y Creatividad  • Goethe’s ‘Zueignung’ and Benivieni’s ‘Amore’ • Art in education – 8: Some Trends and Experiments Abroad • Vasari’s Lives and Cicero’s Brutus • Alberto Avogadro’s Descriptions of the Badia of Fiesole and of the Villa of Careggi • Dark Varnishes: Variations on a Theme from Pliny • Winston Churchill as Painter and Critic • Idea in the Theory of Art: Philosophy or Rhetoric? • The Warburg Institute: A Personal Memoire

Books, Articles & Reviews by Irving Lavin  – Open Access
Irving Lavin

Topics: Bernini and the Crossing of Saint Peter’s • The Sources of Donatello’s Pulpits in San Lorenzo • Revival and Freedom of Choice in the Early Renaissance • The Campidoglio and Sixteenth-Century Stage Design • The Ceiling Frescoes in Trier and Illusionism in Constantinian Painting • On the Sources and Meaning of the Renaissance Portrait Bust • Art History in Context • Argan’s Rhetoric and the History of Style (Retorica e Barocco) • Bernini’s Bust of the Savior and the Problem of the Homeless in Seventeenth-Century Rome • The Crisis of ‘Art History’ • Caravaggio Revolutionary or the Impossibility of Seeing • Panofskys Humor • Bernini’s Portraits of No-Body • Iconography as a Humanistic Discipline • Bernini’s Image of the Sun King

Articles by Marilyn Aronberg LavinOpen Access  

Topics: Argan and the Museum of Modern Art in New York: a Mismatched Friendship • Frick Collection Study Day: the Clark Madonna • Antique Source for the Tempio Malatestiano’s Greek Inscriptions • Artists’ Art in the Renaissance Saint Francis reads a Psalm: A Two-Sided Processional Panel • Art of the Misbegotten: Physicality and the Divine in Renaissance • Images The Joy of the Bridegroom’s Friend: Smiling Faces in Fra Filippo, Raphael, and Leonardo • The Place of Narrative: Mural Decoration in Italian Churches, 431-1600 • The Relationship between Erwin Panofsky and Charles de Tolnay at the Institute for Advanced Study • Giovannino Battista: a Study in Renaissance Religious Symbolism

Articles & Interviews by Julian Stallabrass Open Access

Topics: Frozen Dialectics in the Work of Haegue Yang • Can Art History Digest Net Art? •  Museum Photography and Museum Prose • Conservatism and Class Difference in Twentieth-Century British Art • The Politics of the Political Catalogue Essay’ • The Decline and Fall of Art Criticism • Fetishism, Youth and Violence in the Work of Tom Sachs • Types and Prospects of Radical Art • The Aesthetics of Net.Art • The Mother and Child Theme in the Work of Henry Moore • The Idea of the Primitive. British Art and Anthropology 1918-1930

Medieval Art (c. 400 A.D. – 1300 A.D.)

  • Articles on Medieval ArtFree – Different Visions: A Journal of New Perspectives on Medieval
  • Articles on Pilgrimage ArtFree – Peregrinations: Journal of Medieval Art & Architecture

Nineteenth Century Art

  • Articles on Nineteenth Century Art and Visual CultureFreeNineteenth-Century Art World Wide. A Journal of Nineteenth Century Visual Culture
  • Articles on William Morris’ Art –  Free – The William Morris Society in the United States

Modern and Contemporary Art

  • Articles on Marcel Duchamp’s ArtFree – Tout-Fait: The Marcel Duchamp Studies Online Journal

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