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Boost Your Creativity: Joining Monthly Art Challenges

Art Challenges: Boost Your Creativity and Connect with a Community

Have you ever felt stuck with your creativity? Have you had a hard time sticking to a habit or finding inspiration for your art?

If so, have you considered joining an art challenge? Art challenges are online events that prompt artists to create a piece of artwork in a specific theme or style.

These challenges are a fun and effective way to boost your creativity and connect with a community of fellow artists. In this article, we will introduce you to the world of art challenges, their benefits and reasons to join them, as well as a detailed breakdown of various monthly art challenges you can participate in.

Definition and Benefits of Art Challenges

Art challenges are online events that invite artists to create artwork based on a specific theme or prompt. These events can last for days, weeks, or even months, depending on the challenge’s scale.

The primary purpose of art challenges is to encourage artists to create art regularly, break out of creative blocks, connect with other artists, and grow their skills. One of the biggest benefits of art challenges is the community they create.

Art challenges provide a platform for artists to connect, share their work, and receive feedback from other artists. This sense of community can help motivate participants, keep them focused on their goals, and encourage them to improve their work.

Participating in art challenges can also inspire artists to try new techniques, styles, or themes they wouldn’t have explored otherwise. Moreover, art challenges can help improve your artistic abilities.

By participating in regular challenges, you are continually creating new work and experimenting with different styles and techniques, thereby improving your artistic skills. Art challenges are an excellent opportunity for artists to push themselves beyond their comfort zones and challenge themselves to try new things.

Reasons to Join Art Challenges

If you are an artist and want to improve your skills, build your community, and get inspired, here are some reasons why you should consider joining art challenges:

Community: Art challenges are an excellent way to connect with other artists who share your interests. Joining an art challenge provides an opportunity to meet like-minded people and form lasting relationships.

Habit: Consistency is key to any skill, and art challenges are a great way to develop the habit of creating consistently. Participating in an art challenge can help you establish a routine and set aside time for your art.

Productivity: Art challenges can help you stay accountable and productive. As you participate in a challenge, you will have a set target to work towards that can inspire you to be more productive.

Inspiration: Art challenges often come with exciting prompts and themes that can get your creative juices flowing. These prompts can bring about new ideas that can add variety and interest to your artwork.

Followers: Art challenges are a great way to get your artwork seen by a wider audience. As you post your art on the challenge’s platform or social media, you will earn followers and valuable feedback from other artists.

Monthly Artistic Challenges

Now that you know what art challenges are and why you should consider joining them, we have compiled a list of monthly artistic challenges you can explore. January Art Challenges:

– Character design challenge: Participants create a character every day for the entire month, based on a given prompt.

It’s a great way to develop character design skills. – Doodlewash artistic challenges: This challenge offers prompts and tutorials for a variety of mediums including pen and ink, watercolors, and gouache painting.

February Art Challenges:

– Febirdary: Participants create a bird illustration every day during the month of February. – Fairyary art challenge: Participants create a fairy-themed illustration every day during February.

– #28DrawingsLater: Participants work towards creating 28 drawings during the month of February. March Art Challenges:

– Magical March art challenge: Participants create magical and fantasy illustrations every day for the entire month, based on a given prompt.

– March of Robots: This challenge offers prompts for creating robot-themed illustrations every day of March. April Art Challenges:

– 100-Day Project: Participants commit to creating something every day for 100 days.

– Wizard April: Participants create a wizard-themed illustration every day during April. May Art Challenges:

– MerMay art challenge: Participants create mermaid-themed illustrations every day during the month of May.

June Art Challenges:

– Junicorn artistic challenge: Participants create a unicorn-themed illustration every day during the month of June. – Junebug art challenge: Participants create an insect-themed illustration every day during June.

– 30-Day Art Challenge: Kaijune: Participants create a kaiju-themed illustration every day during June. – JuneFae art challenge: Participants create fairy-themed illustrations every day during June.

July Art Challenges:

– Kaijuly: Participants create a kaiju-themed illustration every day during July. – Julycanthropy art challenge: Participants create illustrations of were-creatures every day during July.

August Art Challenges:

– Smaugust: Inspired by the Tolkien character, this challenge prompts participants to create a dragon-themed illustration every day during August. – Doggust: Participants create dog-themed illustrations every day during August.

September Art Challenges:

– Huevember: Participants create illustrations using a color palette every day during September. – Dinovember: Participants create dinosaur-themed illustrations every day during September.

– Slowvember: Participants create detailed and intricate illustrations with a focus on taking their time during November. October Art Challenges:

– Drawtober: Participants create popular Halloween-themed prompts every day during October.

– Inktober: Participants create ink drawings every day during October. – Spooktober: Participants create spooky illustrations every day during October.

– Drawlloween: Participants create Halloween-themed illustrations every day during October. – Flufftober: Participants create fluffy, adorable illustrations of animals every day during October.

– Catober: Participants create illustrations of cats every day during October. November Art Challenges:

– Art vs.

Artist challenge: Participants post a photo of themselves alongside their recent artwork. – #Stylechallenge: Participants create illustrations in the styles of different artists.

– ToonMe challenge: Participants create cartoon versions of themselves. – 100 Heads challenge: Participants create 100 head sketches.

– Fauna Focus challenge: Participants create animal-themed illustrations. – Sketch Dailies: Participants create daily sketches based on a given theme.

December Art Challenges:

– Talecember: Participants create illustrated fairy tale adaptations every day during December. – Drawcember: Participants create a drawing every day during December.

– Everyday Art Challenges: Participants create an art piece every day during December, based on weekly prompts. In conclusion, art challenges are a great way to develop your creativity, learn new techniques, build your community, and gain online recognition.

With monthly artistic challenges ranging from character design to ink drawings, there is an art challenge for everyone. Whether you are a professional artist or just starting, joining an art challenge can help you push yourself creatively and take your art to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions: Understanding Art Challenges and Their Benefits

Art challenges have become increasingly popular among artists of all skill levels. As more people engage with these challenges, several questions arise.

In this article, we address some frequently asked questions regarding art challenges, including their definition, how to find the best challenges, and their benefits.

Definition of an Art Challenge

What is an art challenge? An art challenge is an online event designed to inspire and encourage artists to create and share their artwork.

The challenge typically involves a prompt, such as a theme, medium, or technique, that participants must use as inspiration for their artwork. Art challenges can range from one day to several months, and artists can participate in them alone or as part of a community.

One of the primary benefits of an art challenge is the community it creates. Art challenges platforms like Instagram, DeviantArt and Dribbble allow artists to share their work in a communal space, connect with fellow artists, and gain valuable feedback on their work.

Finding the Best Artistic Challenges

With the ever-increasing popularity of art challenges, it can be challenging to find the best challenges. However, there are a few ways to find them:


Use Hashtags: Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr allow artists to discover trending art challenges using hashtags. Using hashtags such as #artchallenge, #dailyartchallenge, or #sketchchallenge, you can discover new and upcoming art challenges.

2. Search Online: The internet is a great resource for finding art challenges.

Several blogs and websites curate art challenges sorted by themes, techniques and mediums. These articles can provide information on the best challenges available.

3. Follow your Favorite Artists: Many artists participate in art challenges and often share their artwork on social media.

Follow your favorite artists and see if they are participating in any challenges.

Benefits of Joining an Art Challenge

Joining an art challenge can be an excellent way to improve your art skills and grow your community. Here are some of the benefits of joining an art challenge:


Improvement: Participating in an art challenge can help improve your art skills as you engage with different mediums, techniques, and ideas. Your skills can improve from the regular practice that comes with participating in a daily or weekly art challenge.

2. Community: Art challenges provide the opportunity to connect with other artists in your field of interest.

Platforms like Instagram and Twitter have fostered a robust sharing culture for artists. 3.

Followers: As you participate in an art challenge and post your work on social media, it can attract followers and potential clients. Participating in art challenges has been known to increase an artist’s follower count, leading to more visibility in the art community.

4. Accountability: Art challenges can help an artist stay accountable to their goals.

It establishes a routine of consistent art practice, setting a tangible target to work towards.


Art challenges are a great way to develop your skills, build your community, and connect with other artists. By finding an art challenge that suits your interests and skill level, you can consistently create and share your artwork.

Participating in art challenges can encourage you to experiment with new techniques, inspire you to create something new, and help you grow as an artist. In conclusion, art challenges offer an exciting opportunity for artists to enhance their creativity, connect with a supportive community, and improve their skills.

By participating in these challenges, artists can overcome creative blocks, establish a regular art-making habit, gain inspiration, and increase their online presence. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, art challenges provide a platform for growth and connection.

So, why not take the leap and join an art challenge today? Together, we can create, inspire, and elevate the world of art.

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