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Dive into the Enchanting World of Art Podcasts: Inspiration, Insights, and Entertainment

The world of art can be a magical place, full of creativity, inspiration, and wonder. For those who are passionate about art, there are many ways to immerse oneself in this world, including reading books, attending exhibitions, and listening to art podcasts.

In this article, we will explore the world of art podcasts. Specifically, we will dive into two main topics: the top art podcasts to listen to and the different types of art podcasts available.

We will examine each subtopic in detail, highlighting important keywords and ideas.

Best art podcasts for inspiration and entertainment

Listening to a good art podcast can provide a wealth of knowledge, help you learn new skills, and elevate your creativity. If you are looking for an art podcast that can inspire you, teach you how to draw, or keep you entertained while you work on your art projects, then you’re in luck! Here are five of the best art podcasts that you should consider subscribing to:


Magic Lessons – This podcast features conversations between acclaimed author Elizabeth Gilbert and art professionals and enthusiasts who want to learn magic tricks, find inspiration or figure out how to take their creative lives to the next level. 2.

Art for All – Art for All is a podcast about art and art-making for everyone, no matter how skilled you are. The podcast is hosted by art educators Rebecca Wilson and Ross Stanton Jordan, and they take listeners on a journey through art-making techniques, history, and contemporary issues.

3. Art & Cocktails – Hosted by artist and creative entrepreneur Katya Varbanova, Art & Cocktails invites listeners to sit back, relax and join her for a chat with a variety of inspiring creatives from all over the world.

4. The Creative Pep Talk Podcast – This podcast is perfect for creatives who need a pep talk or an extra boost of energy to keep going.

Hosted by artist and entrepreneur Andy J. Pizza, the podcast covers topics such as creativity, art, and design, providing advice and motivation for anyone who needs it.

5. ArtCurious – Hosted by Jennifer Dasal, ArtCurious is a podcast that will make you think twice about the art you see and perhaps even take for granted.

Each episode explores the mysteries, scandals, and intrigues behind some of the most famous paintings and artists in history.

Art podcasts for conversations with experts

Are you interested in gaining a deeper understanding of art and its role in the world, or are you looking for insider knowledge from art dealers, art historians, and private collectors? Then consider checking out these art podcasts that feature conversations with experts:


The Modern Art Notes Podcast – Hosted by Tyler Green, this podcast is known for thought-provoking conversations with artists, curators, and historians about modern and contemporary art. 2.

The Art History Babes – The Art History Babes is a podcast made by four art historians who combine their love for art with their passion for pop culture. The podcast explores topics such as famous painters, iconography, and art history memes.

3. The Art Newspaper Weekly – This weekly podcast from The Art Newspaper features interviews with artists, curators, and museum professionals, as well as news and analysis about the art world.

4. Collectors Confidential – This podcast is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about the collecting world.

Hosted by Jennifer Dasal, this podcast explores the world of art dealers, private collectors, galleries, and museums. 5.

The Great Women Artists Podcast – Hosted by Katy Hessel, The Great Women Artists Podcast features conversations with both contemporary and historical female artists who have been underrepresented in the art world.

Art podcasts for learning at home

Art school is not the only way to learn about art, if you are interested in gaining art knowledge in the comfort of your own home, consider checking out these art podcasts:

1. The Savvy Painter – The Savvy Painter is a podcast for artists who want to build their skills, become successful, and create a thriving art career.

Hosted by artist Antrese Wood, this podcast explores topics such as finding inspiration, overcoming creative obstacles and building a business as an artist. 2.

The Inspiration Place – The Inspiration Place is a podcast for artists looking to spark their creativity and hone their artistic skills. Hosted by artist and entrepreneur Miriam Schulman, the podcast covers topics such as painting techniques, finding inspiration, and marketing your art online.

3. The Messy Studio Podcast – The Messy Studio Podcast is perfect for artists who work in a home studio and want to learn more about the creative process.

Hosted by artists Rebecca Crowell and Ross Ticknor, the podcast explores topics such as taking creative risks, managing your time, and overcoming obstacles.

Top ten art podcasts worth listening to

If you are still looking for more art podcasts to explore, we have compiled a top ten list of art podcasts worth listening to:

1. The Lonely Palette – Hosted by Tamar Avishai, this podcast takes a close look at a single work of art in each episode and explores its history, context, and meaning.

2. ArtCurious – Because Art is More Than a Canvas is ArtCurious motto and Jennifer Dasal does a great job at breaking down the complexities of some of the worlds most beloved art.

3. Art History Babes – Four women who identify as art historians take on the heroes and villains of art history, pop culture, and history in general.

4. The Art Assignment – Hosted by Sarah Urist Green, The Art Assignment offers an accessible way to learn about art while discovering contemporary artists.

5. Art Tactic – For the more practical side of being an artist, experts on Art Tactic discuss the art market and emerging artists.

6. The Sculptor’s Funeral – For more focused art topics, The Sculptors Funeral has in-depth discussions about a single sculptor.

7. Art Therapy Podcast – The Art Therapy Podcast provides professional education and resources to aspiring art therapists.

8. Creative Pep Talk – The Creative Pep Talk podcast is perfect for artists who need inspiration and ideas for marketing and growing a successful art career.

9. Hashtag Authentic – For a more in-depth look at the business side of being an artist, Hashtag Authentic offers advice for creating content, social media marketing, and leveraging technology as an artist.

10. Art History for All – Art History for All aims to make art history accessible to all regardless of background or level of expertise.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a way to immerse yourself in the world of art, listening to an art podcast can provide a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and entertainment. Whether you are interested in learning new art-making techniques, gaining insider knowledge from art professionals, or discovering the fascinating stories behind famous paintings and artists, there is an art podcast out there that can cater to your interests.

So plug in your headphones, hit play, and get ready to learn and be entertained!

The Lonely Palette – Discovering Art through Social Context

Art objects have always fascinated people around the world, inspiring countless discussions and interpretations. But what about the social context that surrounds art?

That’s what Tamar Avishai, the host of The Lonely Palette, seeks to share with her listeners. With every episode, Avishai explores how a piece of art reflects the social landscape of its time, place, and culture.

From the costumes worn in a painting to the materials used to create a sculpture, Avishai’s approach focuses on interpreting art through its wider contexts. Her style is accessible and relatable, making it a great starting point for those who are new to art history.

Through a series of interviews and analysis of art works, The Lonely Palette provides a platform to explore art in all its variations. The podcast connects with listeners as it explores art in ways that are often overlooked.

By shifting the focus on social and contextual analysis, The Lonely Palette offers a great entry point for those new to art history, making the subject engaging and easy to understand.

ArtCurious – Debunking Myths and Giving Insight

ArtCurious is a podcast hosted by Jennifer Dasal, an art historian, and museum curator. The podcast explores the weird, offbeat, and little-known stories about art and artists that are often overlooked by the mainstream.

Dasal does an excellent job of tackling odd questions such as who was the British painter who lived opposite Jack the Ripper and what does this have to do with the world of art? She then delves deeper, exploring how Van Gogh’s suicide had more to do with the artist’s undiagnosed health issues than any romantic notion of insanity.

ArtCurious dives deep into these stories, giving listeners a renewed perspective and deeper understanding of art and the artists behind them. Dasals approach is refreshing, making art history accessible for all levels of enthusiasm, making one want to learn and understand more.

The Great Women Artists Podcast – Female Artists and Their Craft

The Great Women Artists Podcast is about just that: great women artists and their achievements. Hosted by Katy Hessel, the podcast features interviews with some of the most successful artists of our time.

Each episode focuses on the art, careers, and inspiration of female artists. With a deep emphasis on women in the arts, the podcast provides fresh insights into cultural and societal norms and their effects on the art world.

Through her conversations with contemporary artists, Hessel explores how gender has played a role in limiting opportunities for women and how that has changed over time. With a focus on the arts, the podcast showcases what it takes for female artists to make it in an industry that can be hostile towards them.

The Great Women Artists Podcast is an inspiration for anyone who has felt shut out of the arts, and for anyone who wants to learn more about women artists experiences. Hessel succeeds in bringing to the forefront of the public discourse the contribution of women, past and present, to the art world.

Sculpture History in The Sculptor’s Funeral

The Sculptor’s Funeral is a podcast for those interested in the history and techniques of working with three-dimensional forms. Hosted by sculptor Jason Arkles, the podcast features discussions with contemporary sculptors about their work and techniques.

One of the central aspects of The Sculptor’s Funeral is the emphasis on the history of sculpture as an art form. Arkles explores different periods and styles, giving listeners an overview of the development of sculpture throughout the ages.

With an emphasis on creating for the present, The Sculptor’s Funeral offers practical advice on techniques, tools, and materials. The podcast offers insights into the creative struggles of modern-day sculptors, providing advice and encouragement for those working with sculpture.

In conclusion, art podcasts provide an important platform for learning about the world of art, from history to culture to contemporary issues. Whether you are interested in exploring social context around different cultural movements or the lives of women artists, or you want practical advice on sculpture techniques, there is an art podcast out there for you.

The podcasts listed above provide engaging and insightful content for people at all levels of artistic knowledge, opening doors to new ideas and perspectives on the art world.

Creative Pep Talk Podcast – Making a Living from Art

For many artists, the journey to making a living from their artwork can be a challenging one. That’s where the Creative Pep Talk Podcast, hosted by artist and entrepreneur Andy J.

Pizza, comes in. This podcast is all about providing advice and motivation to help artists build successful careers and overcome creative obstacles.

Through interviews with successful artists, Andy J. Pizza explores topics such as finding your unique style, marketing your art, and developing a growth mindset.

Each episode offers practical tips and strategies for artists who want to turn their passion into a sustainable career. One recurring theme on the Creative Pep Talk Podcast is the idea of avoiding underselling oneself as an artist.

Andy emphasizes that artists should value their work and worth, and not be afraid to ask for fair compensation. This empowering message is essential for artists who may struggle with confidence and self-worth.

The Thriving Artist Podcast – Bridging Art and Business

The Thriving Artist Podcast, hosted by Daniel DiGriz, explores the intersection of art and business. Through interviews with artists, collectors, and leading experts, DiGriz provides business insights and strategies tailored to the needs of artists.

DiGriz believes that artists can thrive in any economic climate by applying smart business principles to their art practice. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including pricing artwork, marketing strategies, and building relationships with collectors.

By bridging the gap between art and business, The Thriving Artist Podcast empowers artists to take control of their careers. It offers valuable advice and inspiration for artists who want to create a sustainable living while staying true to their artistic vision.

The Savvy Painter – Insights from Top Artists and Visionaries

For artists seeking inspiration and insights into the creative process, The Savvy Painter Podcast, hosted by Antrese Wood, offers a treasure trove of educational content. This podcast features in-depth interviews with authors, visionaries, and top artists from various disciplines.

The Savvy Painter delves into the minds and processes of successful artists, providing a deep dive into their experiences, techniques, and perspectives. With topics ranging from finding inspiration to overcoming creative blocks, the podcast offers valuable insights that can resonate with artists at all levels.

One of the key strengths of The Savvy Painter is its ability to capture the personal journeys of artists and the challenges they have faced throughout their careers. By sharing their stories of growth and resilience, The Savvy Painter encourages listeners to embrace their own artistic journeys and pushes them to explore new possibilities in their work.

Artisans & Trade – Conversations on Art and Business

Artisans & Trade, hosted by Stephen Obisanya, is a podcast that delves into the intricate relationship between art and business. Through thoughtful conversations with artists, designers, and entrepreneurs, Obisanya explores the intersection of creativity and commerce.

The podcast offers valuable insights into various aspects of the art world, including marketing strategies, monetizing artwork, and building a sustainable creative business. By highlighting the experiences and perspectives of guests, Artisans & Trade provides listeners with diverse approaches to navigating the business side of the art world.

Artisans & Trade also creates space for discussing the challenges and triumphs of running an art-based business. The conversations are honest, informative, and provide a springboard for artists and creative professionals to explore new ideas and perspectives on the intersection of art and commerce.

In conclusion, art podcasts provide valuable educational opportunities for artists at all stages of their careers. From exploring strategies for making a living from art, to bridging the gap between art and business, to finding inspiration from top artists and visionaries, these podcasts offer a wealth of knowledge and insights.

Whether you’re seeking motivation, practical advice, or a deeper understanding of the art world, these podcasts are sure to enrich your creative journey.

The Inspiration Place – Art and Business with Miriam Schulman

For artists looking to market and grow their art business, The Inspiration Place podcast, hosted by Miriam Schulman, offers valuable insights and strategies. Schulman is an artist and entrepreneur who provides practical advice on marketing art, harnessing the power of social media, and achieving online success.

One of the key areas covered by The Inspiration Place is the effective use of social media. Schulman dives into topics like Instagram marketing, leveraging blogging to connect with an audience, and building an online brand.

She shares her own experiences and offers expert tips on how artists can navigate the ever-changing landscape of social media to promote their work and engage with fans. Through interviews with successful artists and industry experts, The Inspiration Place provides listeners with actionable steps they can take to elevate their art business.

Schulman’s approach is grounded in real-world experiences, making the podcast a valuable resource for artists who want to thrive in the digital age.

The Messy Studio Podcast – Career Advice and Artistic Ideas

The Messy Studio Podcast, hosted by artists Rebecca Crowell and Ross Ticknor, offers a unique blend of career advice and artistic ideas. Through interviews with established artists and discussions about various art-related topics, the podcast provides insights and inspiration for artists at all stages of their careers.

One of the great strengths of The Messy Studio Podcast is its focus on the creative process. Crowell and Ticknor explore topics such as taking creative risks, managing time effectively, and overcoming obstacles.

The hosts share their own experiences and provide practical advice, helping artists navigate the challenges and uncertainties of the artistic journey. With a genuine passion for the arts, The Messy Studio Podcast encourages artists to think outside the box and experiment with new approaches.

The discussions on the podcast stimulate creativity and offer alternative perspectives on art-making, making it a must-listen for artists seeking fresh ideas and motivation.

Hashtag Authentic – Art and Social Media Success

In the age of social media, artists can leverage digital platforms to build an online audience, gain exposure, and create a successful art business. Hashtag Authentic, hosted by Sara Tasker, explores the intersection of art and social media, providing insights on building an authentic online presence.

Tasker dives into topics such as Instagram marketing, content creation, and effective storytelling to engage followers. She shares her own experiences as an influencer and provides practical tips on how artists can harness social media platforms like Instagram to showcase their work and connect with their audience.

Hashtag Authentic also delves into the power of blogging and explores how artists can use their creativity to create engaging content that resonates with their followers. The podcast offers valuable advice on how to navigate the digital landscape and create a genuine online presence that reflects an artist’s individuality.

Portraits – Exploring Human Identity with Michael Anthony

Art history enthusiasts and those looking to deepen their understanding of human identity through art should tune in to Portraits, a podcast hosted by Michael Anthony. This podcast takes listeners on an art tour, focusing on portraiture and its role in capturing the essence of human beings.

Through insightful discussions, Anthony explores how portraits reveal aspects of identity, whether it be through physical features, psychological expressions, or cultural symbols. The podcast delves into prominent works from various time periods and cultures, including notable pieces from the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery.

Portraits not only examines the artistry and technical mastery behind these works but also their historical and cultural significance. By exploring the stories behind the portraits, Anthony provides a deeper context for understanding the complexities of human identity throughout history.

In conclusion, art podcasts provide a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for artists and enthusiasts alike. From exploring the intersection of art and business to delving into the creative process, these podcasts offer valuable insights and practical advice.

Whether you’re interested in marketing your art on social media, seeking career guidance, or exploring the stories behind portraits, these podcasts offer a wealth of information to enhance your artistic journey.

Art History Discussion with Four Friends

If you’re looking for a podcast that feels like casual conversations among friends, then the Art History Babes podcast is for you. Hosted by four friends with Master’s degrees in Art History, this podcast offers engaging and informative discussions about various art historical topics.

The Art History Babes bring their unique perspectives and knowledge to the table, resulting in insightful conversations that dive deep into art history. They cover a range of topics, from famous artists and periods to social and cultural contexts surrounding art movements.

With their enthusiasm and camaraderie, the Art History Babes make art history accessible and fun. For students studying Art History, the podcast also offers study guides and tips for the AP Art History exam.

The discussions provide valuable information that can complement textbook readings and classroom lectures, making it an excellent resource for those looking to enrich their understanding of art history.

Interviews with Artists and Art Historians on Modern Art

If you’re interested in the world of modern and contemporary art, The Modern Art Notes Podcast hosted by Tyler Green is a must-listen. Green, an art historian, writer, and critic, interviews artists and art experts to provide insightful discussions on modern art and its various movements.

With a focus on contemporary art, the podcast covers a wide range of topics including the creative processes of artists, the impact of modern art on culture, and the evolving landscape of the art world. Green’s interviews provide listeners with an in-depth understanding of contemporary art and shed light on the motivations and inspirations behind artists’ works.

By exploring the thoughts and experiences of artists, The Modern Art Notes Podcast offers listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the artistic process. It serves as a platform for artists to share the stories and ideas that inform their work, providing valuable insights into the contemporary art scene.

Exploring History and Art with Art Detective

If you have a fascination for both history and art, the Art Detective podcast hosted by Dr. Janina Ramirez is a perfect choice. Dr. Ramirez, an art historian and broadcaster, takes listeners on a journey into the world of art alongside historical events and cultural contexts.

With each episode, Art Detective delves into a specific artwork or artist, exploring the hidden stories and symbolism behind the masterpieces. Dr. Ramirez’s expertise and enthusiasm bring these artworks to life as she unveils the historical and cultural significance that often goes unnoticed.

The podcast also features expert guests who contribute their knowledge and insights, providing a well-rounded and enthusiastic program. From Renaissance art to contemporary pieces, Art Detective invites listeners to see art in a new light, providing a deeper understanding of the connections between history and artistic expression.

The Purpose of Art Podcasts – Entertainment and Current Events

While art podcasts serve as valuable educational platforms, they also fulfill the role of entertainment and provide updates on current events and trends in the art world. Many art podcasts dedicate episodes to discussing exhibitions, art fairs, and other art-related news.

Art podcasts also offer a way to stay informed about the latest developments and trends in the art world. Hosts often share their thoughts and opinions on current issues and initiate discussions around controversial topics.

This aspect of art podcasts keeps listeners engaged and helps them stay connected with the ever-evolving world of art. In addition to education and staying up-to-date with current events, art podcasts also entertain listeners.

They often feature engaging storytelling, personal anecdotes, and humor to create an enjoyable listening experience. The format and engaging nature of art podcasts make them a popular choice for both art enthusiasts and casual listeners.

In conclusion, art podcasts offer a wealth of opportunities for education and entertainment. Whether you’re looking for casual art history discussions, in-depth interviews with artists and art historians, explorations of historical contexts, or updates on current events and trends, there is an art podcast out there that caters to your interests.

So plug in your headphones, tune in to your favorite art podcast, and embark on a journey of artistic discovery and enjoyment. In conclusion, art podcasts offer a valuable avenue for education, inspiration, and entertainment in the world of art.

From exploring art history and social context to discovering the creative processes of artists, these podcasts provide a wealth of knowledge and insights. They bridge the gap between art and business, offer practical advice for artists, and deepen our understanding of human identity through art.

Through interviews, discussions, and storytelling, art podcasts engage listeners and invite them to explore the diverse and captivating world of art. So, whether you’re an artist looking for guidance or an art enthusiast seeking inspiration, tune in to these podcasts and embark on a journey of artistic discovery and enrichment.

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