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Mastering Realistic Hair in Procreate: The Ultimate Guide to Hair Brushes

Welcome to this informative guide on Procreate hair brushes. Whether an artist working traditionally or with digital media, the process of creating realistic hair can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, with the advent of digital painting applications like Procreate, artists can now create hair with ease, thanks to advancements in technology. This article will take you through the basics of Procreate, some of the challenges in drawing realistic hair, and discuss the advantages of purchasing Procreate hair brushes.

Overview of Procreate application

Procreate is a popular digital painting application exclusively designed for the iPad and iPhone. It is a powerful tool that allows artists to create stunning works of art using a range of brushes and tools.

Procreate offers a vast range of color options and customizability of brushes, making it an attractive application for artists. Users can choose from various templates, layers, and image effects to bring their artistic vision to life.

Challenges in drawing realistic hair

To achieve realistic hair in artwork, an artist must understand the different hair types and textures. For instance, curly hair requires using shorter, fuller brush strokes, while straight hair needs longer, thinner brush strokes.

Another challenge is getting the right shade of color and texture of the hair. To create natural-looking hair, blending colors is critical.

Moreover, deciding which tool and brush to use when painting hair can be overwhelming, and it often takes many trials and errors to find the perfect match.

Using Procreate brushes and importing purchased ones

Procreate comes with a wide range of pre-installed brushes, including hair brushes. However, artists can also purchase additional brushes from third-party sources, which come with various settings, textures, and effects.

Importing these purchased brushes is easy and straightforward. After downloading the brush package, transfer the files to your iPad or iPhone, then unzip them to find the relevant files.

Locate the file in the Procreate brushes window and click on it to automatically install it.

Advantages and considerations of purchasing brushes

One of the most significant advantages of purchasing Procreate hair brushes is the flexibility it gives an artist. With additional brushes customized for specific hair types, colors, and styles, artists spend less time creating their brushes and more time creating art.

Another advantage is the ability to obtain updates from the developer and potentially refund brushes that do work as expected. However, before purchasing brushes, artists must consider the quality of the brushes and the developer’s reputation.


In conclusion, Procreate is an excellent digital painting application for artists, and using hair brushes can help overcome the challenges that come with creating realistic hair. With the flexibility of personalized brushes and the ease of importing purchased ones, artists can save time and focus more on artistic expression.

Purchasing hair brushes for Procreate comes with several advantages, but artists should consider the quality of the brushes and the developer’s reputation before making a purchase. Happy painting!

Hair brushes for curly hair

Creating digital art with curly hair can be challenging and time-consuming. With the right set of brushes, artists can save time and bring their vision to life.

One of the best brush sets for creating curly hair is by Art with Flo. The set includes 13 brushes designed specifically for creating different types of curls and textures.

The brushes range from tightly coiled curls to more loose and bouncy curls, allowing artists to create a variety of curly hairstyles.

One of the standout brushes in this set is the “Curly” brush, which is perfect for quickly adding realistic-looking curls.

The brush has just enough texture to capture the natural flow and movement of curly hair. Another essential brush in this set is the “Fluffy Curl” brush, which assists in adding volume and body to curly hair.

The “Curly Lashes” brush is ideal for creating details like eyelashes or defining individual curls, and the “Curly Ends” brush gives curls a natural-looking finish.>

Hair brushes for every style

Procreate brush sets cater to a wide range of styles and hair textures. In contrast to focusing on creating brushes for a specific hair type, versatile brush sets suitable for all hair styles are available.

One example is the “Every Style Hair and Fur” brush set by Georg’s Brushes. This brush set consists of 20 versatile brushes for hair and fur, each with its own specific purpose.

While some of the brushes are designed for more specific hair types, most of them can be used on any hair texture. Another excellent resource is the “Hair and Fur Painting in Procreate” e-book tutorial by

This step-by-step guide provides an in-depth understanding of the Procreate hair brushes and assists artists with the selection and usage of various brushes to create different styles. The guide is full of tips and tricks on blending colors, adjusting brushes, and creating different textures to achieve the desired outcome.

Hair brushes created by Art with Flo for straight hair

Straight hair is more manageable than curly hair, but it still requires the right set of brushes to achieve the desired look. Art with Flo’s Straight Brush Pack includes 15 brushes that cohesively identify and solve the unique issues that come with depicting straight hair.

All the brushes are suitable for different types of straight hair, from silky smooth to textured and voluminous.

One of the key brushes is the “Flowing Hair” brush.

This brush adds a sense of motion to the hair, giving it a soft flow that works perfectly in still or moving art. “Straight Bangs” brush is another standout brush, designed specifically for creating straight, face-framing bangs.

The entire brush pack is very versatile with brushes that create individual strands, wispy and textured bangs, and even some with a silky sheen.

Selection and usage recommendations for straight hair brushes

To achieve the best results with straight hair brushes, it is essential to identify the specific hair type and texture before selecting the brushes. Straight hair can range from sleek to textured, so it is best to use brushes that cater to those individual styles.

Artists should experiment with different brushes and settings to find the combination that works best for their piece. One should also pay attention to the brush size and pressure sensitivity.

Consider using smaller brushes for finer details, such as flyaway hairs or individual strands, to maintain control and avoid the painting appearing too unrealistic. One popular brush technique is to use layering to create a natural look by starting with a base layer, then adding smaller layers on top to create the desired texture and volume.

In conclusion, Procreate offers a range of brushes that cater to a variety of hair types and styles. Brush sets from Art with Flo, Georg’s Brushes, and others provide artists with the tools and resources needed to create exceptional digital art.

Understanding the specific hair type and textures, as well as brush selection and usage recommendations, ensure the best results when using these brushes.

MAGERPAINT Brushes set

MAGERPAINT Brushes is a highly recommended brush set for artists looking to create hair art pieces of various hair types. It consists of 20 Procreate brushes of different shapes and sizes suitable for artists, regardless of their experience level.

These brushes are easy to use and have been optimized to help artists achieve a smooth, natural, and polished-looking hair effect.

One of the standouts in this set is the “Outline Brush”, which provides exceptional detailing control when sketching out a hairstyle.

“The Texture Brush” is another excellent brush in the set that provides a grainy texture that can mimic the flexibility of hair. The “Flowy Hair Brush” helps achieve realistic flowing hair, while the “Curly Hair Brush” helps in the creation of curly-haired characters.

Mels Procreate Hair Brush Set

Mels Procreate Hair Brush Set consists of 19 excellent brushes for creating hair art pieces of various hair types and styles. It is suitable for artists who require more artistic control and are looking to achieve realistic hair texture.

Each brush in

Mels Procreate Hair Brush Set is unique and has been designed with specific hairstyles in mind.

The “Fluffy Brush” is perfect for creating voluminous hair, the “Straight Hair Brush” works well on sleek, smooth hair, and the “Messy Hair Brush” is excellent for adding texture to hairstyles.

The “Curly Hair Brush” is beneficial for creating characters with curly hair, while the “Long Hair Brush” helps in defining long and beautiful locks. With this set, artists can celebrate the beauty and diversity of various hair types.

Realistic Procreate Hair Brushes set


Realistic Procreate Hair Brushes set is specially designed with 20 high-resolution brushes to give hair a hyper-realistic texture. These brushes work well in achieving a balance between control and natural-looking effects.

The set provides the necessary brushes to achieve detailed hair, including flyaways, roots, and individual strands.

The “Fine Duo Brush” is an outstanding brush for creating subtle strokes and individual hair strands.

The “Roots Brush” helps in creating detailed roots that add texture and volume to hair, while the “Texture Brush” works well in creating a realistic-looking hair texture. The “Highlight Brush” is perfect for adding shine and depth to the hair, making it more visually appealing.

Animal Fur Brushes

Animal Fur Brushes is a perfect set of 32 Procreate brushes for artists looking to add realistic animal fur textures to their artwork. The set provides brushes for different types of animal fur, including long haired, short-haired, fluffy tears, and fur.

It assists in achieving a range of realistic animal fur textures, including feline, canine, and other mammalian hair.


Animal Fur Brushes, artists can achieve a variety of fur-like effects that include, but are not limited to, fluffy, shaggy, and sleek.

Some standout options from the set include the “Canine Brush” for drawing canine fur, “Tongue Brush” for creating furry animal tongues, and “Ears Brush” for adding volume to rough-tough hair-like appearance in fur over animal ears.

Hair Texture Brushes for Procreate

Hair Texture Brushes for Procreate is a brush set that provides artists with several options to create different animal textures. The set consists of various brush options that help replicate different fur and animal textures realistically.

The brushes are perfect for use by both professionals and beginners.

The “Long Fur Brush” works well for long-haired animals, and the “Short Fur Brush” is perfect for creating short-haired, soft, and downy animals.

The “Feather Brush” works well for avian/stuffed bird projects, while the “Wool Brush” replicates wool textures in sheeps fur. These versatile brushes help artists achieve a well-textured look on animal textures, making them more realistic and piecing together a full animal look in an artwork.

In conclusion, Procreate hair brushes cater to a variety of hair types, textures, and styles, including those of animals. With the wide range of brush sets available, artists can create beautiful works of art that depict hair with great detail and texture, adding to the depth of the creation.

These brush sets are perfect for artists of all levels and help take their artwork to the next level.

Brushes for beauty illustration and fashion looks

Creating beauty illustrations and fashion looks requires specific brushes that can capture the unique textures and effects associated with these styles. Fortunately, there are brush sets available that cater to these needs.

These brushes help artists achieve the desired level of detail and realism when depicting different beauty and fashion hairstyles. For beauty illustration and fashion looks, one popular brush set is the “Beauty Collection” by

This comprehensive set includes a wide range of brushes designed specifically for creating beauty illustrations, makeup looks, and fashion hairstyles. The set offers brushes for adding texture, creating flowing strands, and adding volume to the hair.

Additionally, it includes brushes for depicting intricate details such as braids, curls, and waves. Another excellent brush set for beauty illustration and fashion looks is the “Fashionista Brushes” by Sketch Werx.

With 30 brushes specifically created for fashion artwork, these brushes are perfect for achieving highly detailed and realistic hair effects. This set provides brushes for a variety of hairstyles, including sleek and straight hair, bouncy curls, and voluminous updos.

The brushes in this set allow for precise control, making it easier for artists to bring their creative vision to life.

Portrait Brush Set for portrait creation

Creating lifelike hair in portrait artwork requires brushes that can capture the intricacies and details of individual strands, brows, and eyelashes. A portrait brush set specifically designed for this purpose can significantly enhance the realism of hair in portraits.

These brushes are essential tools for artists who want to create striking and lifelike portraits. The “Portrait Paintbrush Set” by Procreate Masterclass is an excellent choice for portrait artists.

This set includes a variety of brushes, each designed for a specific purpose, such as capturing the texture and flow of hair. The set also includes specialized brushes for rendering lifelike brows and eyelashes, adding depth and detail to portrait artwork.

These brushes help artists achieve precise and realistic results, making their portraits truly stand out. Another versatile portrait brush set for creating realistic hair effects is the “Realistic Portrait Brushes” by The Art Archive.

This set includes an array of brushes that replicate the natural variations and textures found in different hair types. Artists can choose from smooth, wavy, or curly hair brushes to create lifelike hairstyles.

The set also features brushes for detailing individual strands and adding depth and volume. With this brush set, artists can achieve stunning results in their portrait artwork.

Colter Brushes for watercolor artwork

Watercolor effects can add a unique and artistic touch to hair in digital artwork. A brush set specialized in replicating watercolor techniques is essential for artists looking to incorporate this aesthetic into their pieces.

The Colter Brushes set is an exceptional choice for artists seeking to create stunning watercolor hair effects in their artwork. The Colter Brushes set includes 20 high-quality brushes that mimic the fluidity and texture of traditional watercolor.

These brushes are specifically designed for Procreate and offer a range of effects, such as wet and dry washes, splatters, and brush strokes. Artists can experiment with different brushes and techniques to create the desired watercolor hair effect, adding depth, vibrancy, and an organic touch to their artwork.

Splashy Brush for watercolor portraits

Watercolor portraits offer a beautiful and expressive way to depict hair in artwork. The Splashy Brush set is a fantastic option for artists aiming to create watercolor hair effects in their portraits.

With these brushes, artists can achieve stunning watercolor portraits that capture the flowing and dynamic nature of hair. The Splashy Brush set features 20 unique brushes specifically designed for creating watercolor hair effects.

These brushes allow artists to experiment with various techniques, including blending colors, creating soft gradients, and adding texture to mimic the fluid nature of watercolor. With these brushes, artists can bring their watercolor portraits to life, adding depth, movement, and a touch of whimsy to their artwork.

In conclusion, there are various brush sets available for specific purposes, including beauty and fashion illustration, portrait creation, and watercolor effects. These brush sets offer a wide range of brushes tailored to the aesthetics and techniques required for each style.

Whether artists are looking to create lifelike hair in portraits, replicate watercolor effects, or depict fashion and beauty hairstyles, these brush sets provide the tools needed to achieve stunning results.

Fabulous Pencils Brushes for realistic pencil effects

When it comes to creating realistic pencil effects in hair illustrations, the Fabulous Pencils Brushes set is a popular choice among illustrators. This set consists of 44 pencil brushes specifically designed for Procreate, offering a wide range of pencil styles to suit different artistic preferences.

With the Fabulous Pencils Brushes set, artists can achieve stunningly realistic pencil effects in their hair illustrations. Whether they desire soft and subtle shading or bold and defined pencil strokes, this set provides the tools needed to bring their artistic vision to life.

Each pencil brush has been meticulously crafted to replicate the unique textures and depths that pencils can achieve, adding depth and dimension to hair.

Hand-Drawn Brushes for various textures and forms

Pixel Buddha’s Hand-Drawn Brushes are a versatile set of brushes that offer a diverse range of textures and forms for hair illustrations. This set includes brushes designed to mimic hand-drawn effects, providing artists with a unique and organic look for their hair illustrations.

With the Hand-Drawn Brushes set, artists can experiment with different textures and forms to create visually striking and expressive hair illustrations. This set includes brushes that simulate various styles, such as hatching, cross-hatching, stippling, and more.

Artists can use these brushes to add depth, volume, and texture to their hair illustrations, giving them a hand-crafted and artistic touch.

BasicX Hair Brush Pack (free sample)

The BasicX Hair Brush Pack is a free sample pack for Procreate, consisting of five high-quality brushes specifically designed for creating realistic hair effects. This pack offers a great opportunity for artists to test out and experience the quality of BasicX brushes before considering a full purchase.

The five brushes in the BasicX Hair Brush Pack cover a range of hair types and textures, including straight, wavy, and curly hair. Artists can use these brushes to experiment with different styles and techniques, adding versatility to their hair illustrations.

Although it is a free sample, the BasicX Hair Brush Pack delivers impressive results, making it a valuable addition to any artist’s toolkit.

Brushes for Every Hairstyle (free sample)

Brushes for Every Hairstyle is a free sample pack that provides artists with two versatile Procreate brushes for a variety of hair styles. This pack is a great option for artists looking to explore different hairstyles and effects, without committing to a larger brush set.

The two brushes in the Brushes for Every Hairstyle sample pack are carefully designed to replicate the natural flow and movement of hair. With these brushes, artists can experiment with creating different hair styles, such as updos, braids, and flowing locks.

The free sample pack serves as an excellent introduction to what Brushes for Every Hairstyle has to offer, providing artists with enough variety to start experimenting with different hair illustrations.

Brushpack by Backstain (free brushes with restrictions)

The Brushpack by Backstain offers a selection of free Procreate brushes, including ten brushes specifically designed for creating hair effects. While this brush pack is free, there are certain restrictions on its usage, usually requiring attribution or a small fee for commercial use.

The ten brushes in the Brushpack by Backstain cover a wide range of hair textures and styles, including brushes for straight, wavy, and curly hair. These brushes allow artists to create highly detailed and realistic hair effects, giving their illustrations depth and believability.

The Brushpack by Backstain serves as an excellent resource for artists looking to create hair illustrations in personal projects or with the proper attribution in commercial works.

Curly Hair Brush for Procreate (free small set)

Artists looking to create illustrations featuring curly hair can benefit from the Curly Hair Brush for Procreate. This free small set includes a selection of brushes specifically designed to capture the unique textures and intricacies of curly hair.

The brushes in the Curly Hair Brush set provide artists with the tools needed to create realistic-looking dreadlocks, curls, and waves. Whether illustrating a character with tightly coiled curls or loose beach waves, these brushes offer versatility and precision.

The Curly Hair Brush for Procreate is a valuable addition to any artist’s collection, allowing them to bring their curly hair illustrations to life with authenticity and style. “Di” Hair Brushes (free sample of larger set)

The “Di” Hair Brushes offer a free sample pack that gives artists a taste of what the full brush set has to offer.

Featuring various hair styles and textures, this free sample provides artists with the opportunity to explore the quality and versatility of the “Di” Hair Brushes. The sample pack includes a selection of brushes that cater to different hair types, such as straight, wavy, and curly hair.

With these brushes, artists can experiment with creating highly detailed and realistic hair effects, adding depth and texture to their illustrations. This free sample offers artists a glimpse into the potential of the “Di” Hair Brushes and allows them to make an informed decision if they wish to invest in the full set.

Free Anime Hairbrush Set (free sample)

For artists interested in creating anime-style hair illustrations, the Free Anime Hairbrush Set presents a valuable opportunity to explore different brushes specifically designed for this style. This free sample pack includes three Procreate brushes that replicate the distinct and vibrant hair seen in anime artwork.

The brushes in this set offer versatility, allowing artists to create a variety of anime hairstyles, from neat and sleek styles to dynamic and wild designs. They provide the necessary tools to add volume, detail, and life to hair illustrations.

The Free Anime Hairbrush Set serves as a great starting point for artists looking to delve into the world of anime-style hair illustrations.

Free Brushes From Procreate (multiple free options)

Procreate itself offers a variety of free brush options directly from the application. These brushes cover a wide range of artistic styles and techniques, including several options for creating hair effects.

Artists can access these brushes through the Procreate app and use them in their hair illustrations free of charge. The free brushes from Procreate include different brush types, sizes, and textures, allowing artists to experiment and explore various hair styles and techniques.

They offer a great starting point for artists who are just beginning to delve into digital hair illustration or those looking to expand their brush collection without spending any additional funds.

PaulhousbeyArt Free Hairbrush Set (free brush samples)

The PaulhousbeyArt Free Hairbrush Set provides a selection of free brush samples designed to create realistic hair effects in Procreate. These brushes offer artists a glimpse into the quality and versatility of PaulhousbeyArt brushes, showcasing the potential for creating authentic and detailed hair illustrations.

The brush samples included in this set cater to different hair types, styles, and textures. Artists can utilize these brushes to add volume, depth, and dynamic details to their hair illustrations.

The PaulhousbeyArt Free Hairbrush Set allows artists to experiment and determine whether the full brush set aligns with their artistic vision and techniques.

Procreate Hair Brushes (free brush set)

Procreate Hair Brushes is a free brush set specifically designed for creating a wide range of hair styles in Procreate app. This set offers artists a variety of brushes that cater to different hair textures, lengths, and styles.

With Procreate Hair Brushes, artists can experiment and explore various hair techniques, adding depth, volume, and dimension to their illustrations. Whether working on straight, wavy, or curly hair, this free brush set provides the necessary tools to achieve realistic and captivating hair illustrations.

In conclusion, there are several options available when looking for the best hair brushes for illustrators. Whether artists are seeking realistic pencil effects, hand-drawn textures, or free brush options, there are countless resources to suit their specific needs.

These brush sets and free samples allow artists to experiment with various styles and techniques, enhancing the quality and detail of their hair illustrations. In conclusion, the article explored a wide range of Procreate hair brushes tailored for different purposes.

From beauty and fashion illustrations to pencil effects, hand-drawn textures, and watercolor techniques, there are brush sets available to meet the specific needs of illustrators. Free brush samples also offer opportunities for artists to experiment and enhance their hair illustrations.

These brushes provide the necessary tools to create realistic hair effects, add depth and texture, and bring artistic visions to life. Understanding the variety of brushes available allows illustrators to choose the right tools for their projects, ultimately elevating the quality and impact of their hair illustrations.

So, whether seeking precision, realism, or artistic expression, the world of Procreate hair brushes offers endless possibilities for illustrators to effectively capture the beauty and uniqueness of hair.

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