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The Art and Value of Bob Ross: A Legacy in the Making

The Art of Bob Ross: From Early Career to Expensive Paintings

Bob Ross is a renowned artist whose legacy has continued to captivate audiences and inspire new generations of painters. While he is most known for his infectious personality on his television show, The Joy of Painting, his art has continued to draw attention long after he passed away.

In this article, we will explore the art of Bob Ross, starting with his early career and techniques, and then moving on to his rise to fame and expensive paintings. Bob Ross’s Early Career and Techniques

Bob Ross began his artistic journey by attending art classes in Florida.

Here, he learned about abstraction and the alla prima technique, which allowed artists to quickly apply paint to a canvas without allowing it to dry. This technique was essential to Ross’s signature style, which involved creating detailed landscapes in just 30 minutes.

However, Ross did not solely rely on the alla prima technique. Instead, he would use the technique to create a base layer, and then layer paint on top to create textures and depth in his landscapes.

His paintings often included mountains, trees, and rivers, which he drew from his time as a gold-mining plate designer during his military service. Ross’s ability to recreate nature on a canvas with fierce precision and speed was the start of his art career.

Bob Ross’s Rise to Fame and Business Success

After pursuing a career as a traveling salesman for a while, Ross decided to return to his passion for art. He went on to become a part-time art instructor, developing a unique technique he often referred to as “soft painting,” which used light brushstrokes to create lifelike landscapes.

His instructional sessions led him to meet William Alexander, the founder of Alexander Magic Art Supplies Company, who later featured him on one of his show segments. From there, Ross went on to gain a massive following with his television show, The Joy of Painting, which quickly became a hit.

The show focused on Ross’s art techniques and his approach to life, often showing him painting with his pleasant disposition and signature head of curly hair. Ross’s dedication and enthusiasm for art, and his unique style and approach, resonated with audiences worldwide.

Ross’s television success led to the growth of his art supply company and the publication of instructional books under his name. These books were detailed guides on how to recreate his signature style, and they became popular among amateurs and professional artists alike.

Ross’s instructional offerings made him one of the most financially profitable artists, having likely earned over $30 million throughout his career. Bob Ross’s Most Expensive Paintings

Though many of Ross’s original paintings remain in the possession of his family, some have gone up for sale and fetched top dollar.

Mountain Waterfall, a vertically oriented landscape painting with a combination of blue-green hues, sold for $14,959. The painting depicts a mountain range with a waterfall cascading down the rocks.

It is easy to see why this painting drew such a high price; its blend of colors and the textured effect of the paint strokes is breathtaking. Another of Ross’s expensive paintings, Towering Peaks, sold for $17,950.

This specifically detailed painting shows the rocky texture of a mountain range in grayscale. The painting is an excellent example of Ross’s ability to recreate nature so vividly that the viewer can almost touch it.

The combination of grayscale and the painting’s lifelike qualities made it a sought-after piece among art collectors. In conclusion, Bob Ross’s contributions to the world of art cannot be overstated.

His techniques and style continue to captivate audiences worldwide, and his legacy remains an inspiration to many new painters today. Through his dedication and loyalty to his craft, Bob Ross has given the world of art a unique perspective on painting landscapes.

The Value of Bob Ross’s Paintings: A Non-Traditional Route to Fame and Commercialization

Bob Ross’s legacy lives on not only through his art, but also through the increasing value of his original paintings. Ross’s non-traditional route to fame and commercialization, using instructional videos, books, and art supplies, has made his original works more valuable than ever before.

Here, we will explore this route and how it contributed to the value of Bob Ross’s paintings. Bob Ross’s Non-Traditional Route to Fame and Commercialization

Before the advent of the internet, the world’s budding painters could only learn from experienced painters in an organized classroom or through expensive private lessons.

With YouTube and social media, however, the educational landscape has changed significantly. Today, artists have access to a massive library of instructional videos, including many created by Bob Ross himself.

The popularity of these videos skyrocketed in recent years, and YouTube users watching Ross’s show increased by 561 percent between 2013 and 2017. Some videos have over two million views, indicating the continued relevance of Ross’s style and approach to painting.

Additionally, Ross’s instructional books remain a favorite among artists of all levels. These books provide detailed instructions on how to create Ross’s signature landscapes, often involving step-by-step breakdowns of how to create the different elements of a painting.

These represent a valuable resource for amateur and professional artists alike. Moreover, the Bob Ross company has made his art supplies ubiquitous.

These include specific brushes designed for Ross’s technique, as well as different lines of paint and other accessories. The company is now shipping thousands of products annually, making it easy to obtain Ross’s signature supplies to create their works.

This accessibility has furthered Ross’s influence, and his art remains relevant. Estimating the Value of Bob Ross’s Paintings

Bob Ross’s popularity has increased in recent years, and it follows that the value of his original paintings has also gone up.

While some of Ross’s paintings sold for just a few hundred dollars during his lifetime, the value of his paintings has since increased dramatically. For instance, in 2019, a Ross painting, Grey Winter, sold for $95,000 at the Rago Auctions.

This significant price point makes Ross one of the highest-grossing television artists in the world. Additionally, the archives of Ross’s paintings are vast, with many pieces sitting in secure storage, available only to the Bob Ross company.

Ross created nearly 30,000 paintings during his short career, and some of his most sought-after pieces are locked away, with the company holding the newest prints. These include his original artwork, which has not been sold, making the value of these paintings highernot only for their rarity but also for their historical significance.

Finally, the Bob Ross company’s involvement also affects the value of Bob Ross’s paintings. The company sells prints and maintains tight control over the use of Ross’s image and art, making his paintings exclusive and valuable.

The company goes to great lengths to authenticate painting purchases and license the use of his image, ensuring that collectors and buyers receive genuine pieces. Additionally, the company has a vested interest in maintaining the value of Ross’s artthey know that doing so bolsters the Bob Ross brand while also benefiting the people who own original paintings.

In conclusion, Bob Ross’s non-traditional route to fame and commercialization, combined with the interest in his instructional videos, art supplies, and books, has contributed to the value of his paintings. His art’s significant commercial success is a reminder of his significant contribution to the world of art and his impact on aspiring artists worldwide.

Bob Ross’s art continues to captivate people, even after his passing, and his legacy has inspired new generations of painters worldwide. Through his unique approach and style, Ross’s original paintings have increased in value significantly, fetching up to $95,000 at auctions.

Ross’s unconventional path to fame and commercialization, including instructional videos, books, and art supplies, have contributed to his staggering success in the art world. His impact on aspiring artists worldwide is a testament to the significant contribution he made to the world of art, and his legacy continues to inspire others to create and appreciate art.

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