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The Soothing and Valuable World of Bob Ross Paintings

Bob Ross: The Man, the Myth, the Legend

Bob Ross: You either know him or you don’t. But for those of us who do, his name evokes memories of happy accidents, fluffy clouds, and at least one tree with friends.

However, there’s more to the man than his painting style and his soothing voice. In this article, we’ll delve into Bob Ross’ life and legacy, as well as the value of his paintings, and his revival in recent years.

Background and Early Life

Bob Ross was born on October 29, 1942, in Daytona Beach, Florida. He was the son of Jack and Ollie Ross, who were of Native American and European descent.

Growing up, Bob was a talented artist and athlete. He played baseball, basketball, and was even the first player on his high school’s golf team.

Sadly, Bob’s father died when he was just 13 years old, and his mother struggled to support him and his siblings. At the age of 18, Bob dropped out of high school and joined the Air Force.

He served for 20 years, rising through the ranks to become a Master Sergeant. It was during his time in the military that Bob discovered his love of painting.

While stationed in Alaska, he saw a man painting on the side of the road and was struck by the beauty of the landscape. He bought some gold mine pans, which he used as makeshift canvases, and began teaching himself how to paint.

Military Career and Discovery of Art

Bob’s military career took him to places like Japan and Germany, and no matter where he went, he always kept painting. He eventually became a part-time art instructor, teaching other Air Force personnel how to paint.

In 1981, Bob retired from the Air Force and used his military pension to pursue his passion for art full-time. Return to Florida and Establishment of Bob Ross Inc.

After retiring from the military, Bob Ross returned to his home state of Florida. There, he met Bill Alexander, a painter who specialized in the wet-on-wet technique that would later become synonymous with Bob’s own style.

Bill gave Bob a job as his assistant, and Bob quickly became a talented and sought-after artist in his own right. In 1983, Bob met Annette Kowalski, who became his business partner and manager.

Together, they established Bob Ross Inc. and began filming the show that would make Bob a household name: The Joy of Painting.

The show premiered on PBS in 1983 and ran for 11 years, during which time Bob became a television celebrity. He was known for his calming demeanor, his love of nature, and, of course, his paintings.

Bob Ross’ Contribution to Art

Because Bob Ross was known primarily as a television personality rather than a fine artist, some people discount his contributions to the world of art. However, Bob was a licensed artist who created hundreds of paintings in his lifetime.

He was also an art teacher who inspired countless people to pick up a paintbrush and try their hand at creating something beautiful.

Bob Ross Original Painting Values

Despite his popularity, Bob Ross original paintings are relatively rare and can be quite expensive. In 2021, a painting of Bob’s sold for $1.4 million at a Christie’s auction.

The high price tag is likely due in part to the scarcity of his original works, but also to the renewed interest in his art that has occurred in recent years.

Revived Popularity and Impact on a New Generation

Thanks in part to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bob Ross has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years. His episodes can be found on YouTube, and his techniques have been embraced by a new generation of painters.

In fact, many people credit Bob with helping them get through the pandemic by providing a calming and creative outlet during difficult times. Bob Ross’ legacy is one of creativity, positivity, and a love for nature that shines through in every painting he created.

He proved that anyone can be an artist, and that art can be a powerful tool for healing and self-expression. His paintings may never hang in the Louvre, but they have touched the hearts of millions of people around the world.

For that reason alone, Bob Ross will always be remembered as a legend in the world of art. Bob Ross Most Expensive Paintings: A Closer Look

Bob Ross impact on the world of art is undeniable.

His signature style, characterized by a focus on nature and a soothing, almost meditative approach to painting, has won him legions of fans across the globe. Although Ross passed away in 1995, his legacy lives on in his delightful TV shows, an extensive collection of paintings, and in the hearts of his fans.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of Bob Ross most expensive paintings, and what made them so valuable.

Winter Moon (1983)

Season 1, Episode 6 of Ross iconic show The Joy of Painting features the painting Winter Moon. The snow-covered mountains are prominent in this piece, which evokes the serene, rural beauty of Alaska, where Ross spent many years of his life.

The painting creates an atmosphere of peacefulness, which makes it a beloved work of art for many fans of Ross work. Winter Moon sold for $13,750 in 2020.

Towering Peaks (1980)

Towering Peaks was painted in 1980 and featured in Season 10, Episode 1 of The Joy of Painting. This piece is an excellent example of Ross neorealism style with his realistic trees and nuanced sense of depth in the painting.

The towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains are the central focus of this painting, which is dramatic and bold in its use of color and texture. It sold at auction for $28,660 in 2021.

Mountain Waterfall (1980)

Mountain Waterfall is an oil painting that appeared in two episodes of The Joy of Painting Season 2, Episode 12 and Season 5, Episode 1. The painting is vertically oriented and presents a majestic waterfall, cascading down the canvas with a quiet, serene beauty.

The painting is a striking demonstration of Ross proficiency in creating works that focused on dramatic landscapes. Mountain Waterfall sold for $17,925 in 2021.

Meadow Lake (1982)

Meadow Lake is a painting that was created at the height of Ross career in 1982. Ross served as a Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force in Alaska and often painted in his free time.

Ross had an appreciation for the beauty of nature, and this painting captures that perfectly. Meadow Lake depicts an idyllic natural landscape with a lake, a forest, and snow-capped mountains in the background.

It sold at auction for $18,750 in 2019.

The Old Water Mill (1984)

The Old Water Mill, painted in 1984 in acrylic, showcases Ross straight-line painting approach. This technique creates bold lines to divide different areas of the painting and gives the piece an almost graphic feel.

The painting features a pink sunset sky, which creates a warm, inviting atmosphere. This work sold for $16,750 in 2021.

Misty Waterfall (1980)

Misty Waterfall is a museum-quality oil painting that was created in 1980. The painting combines dramatic color and texture to capture the essence of a majestic waterfall surrounded by luscious greenery.

The painting is part of a private collection and sold for $28,660 at auction.

Gold Pan signed (1971)

This painting from 1971, which features a mining pan and the Northern Lights, demonstrates Ross early technical ability. The painting captures attention with the velvety blackness of the mining pan surrounded by the colorful Northern Lights.

The textured surface of the velvet adds depth to the painting, making it one of Ross most unique works. It sold for $18,750 in 2018.

Row Boat on the Beach (1992)

Row Boat on the Beach is a vertically oriented painting that appeared in Season 24, Episode 10 of The Joy of Painting. One of Ross later works, Row Boat on the Beach, features a serene ocean setting with a white foam-flecked surf.

The paintings vertical orientation draws attention to the focal points of the painting, namely the rowboat and the majestic ocean setting. It sold for $23,750 in 2019.

Oil Painting Original Signed (1980)

Northern Lights, wintry environment, and a certificate of authenticity make this oil painting one of Bob Rosss most sought-after works. It is an evocative landscape painting that showcases Ross mastery of his unique style.

In this piece, Ross captivates the viewer with colors that capture the mood of the majestic Northern Lights, while the featured wintry environment offers serene and peaceful vistas. This beautiful work sold at auction for $19,250 in 2020.


Bob Ross work continues to inspire artists and non-artists alike throughout the world. Whether you’re an avid fan of The Joy of Painting, or simply appreciate his skill at capturing the beauty of the natural world, Ross work is timeless and loved by all.

While his paintings may not steal the headlines news for record prices like works by such artists as Picasso, it cannot be denied that his work and his legacy is one of the greatest achievements in the art world today. In summary, Bob Ross’ legacy as a beloved artist and television personality lives on through his extensive collection of paintings, several of which have sold for considerable sums at auctions across the world.

The most expensive paintings capture Ross’ signature style of nature and serenity, highlighting the beauty of mountain ranges, waterfalls, and wintry landscapes. Ross’ impact on the art world and beyond transcends time and continues to inspire people worldwide.

His legacy is one of positivity and creativity and reminds us that art can be a powerful tool for self-expression.

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