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Unleash Your Creativity with Procreate’s Advanced Watercolor Brushes

Technology has come a long way, and with it, so has art. Thanks to advancements in digital art software, artists can now paint digitally with the same level of detail and accuracy as traditional media.

One such example of this innovative technology is Procreate, a painting app designed for use on the iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. With Procreate, creating digital watercolor artworks has never been easier.

In this article, we will be discussing Procreate, digital watercolor painting, and the essential brushes needed to achieve the desired effects. What is Procreate?

Procreate is an advanced painting app designed for creative professionals and hobbyists alike. It is exclusive to the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil, making it the most popular digital sketching and painting app for this particular device.

The app offers a vast range of features such as layering, the ability to import custom brushes, and a massive selection of tools and effects that allow artists to create realistic and impressive artworks with ease. Procreate also supports high-resolution canvases up to 16k by 16k, allowing artists to create artworks of any size or format, which makes it perfect for print or online use.

Advancements in Digital Watercolor Painting

Digital watercolor painting has come a long way since its inception. Thanks to advancements in technology, artists can now recreate realistic and organic brushstrokes, textures, and blending effects.

This is why artists love using Procreate for watercolor paintings. The app comes with features like the wet palette, and color bleed that replicate the traditional watercolor techniques, making it easy to replace the traditional painting techniques with the digital ones.

Artists can also create custom brushes that perfectly mimic the unique marks and strokes associated with watercolors, leading to more creative freedom and expressive artworks.

The Ultimate Brush Toolbox

Procreate has an Ultimate Brush Toolbox featuring a vast range of brushes that enable artists to create different textures, depths, and effects. This toolbox includes acrylic, oil, and watercolor brushes, each with their own unique characteristics, allowing artists to create realistic-looking artworks.

The acrylic brushes let artists work with thick paint that produces varied brushstrokes and textures, whereas oil brushes allow artists to create intricate details, all the while giving higher accuracy and control over strokes. However, these brushes still can’t beat the realism that comes with watercolor brushes.

The watercolor brushes enable artists to create lifelike watercolor effects, textures, and blending.

Master Watercolor Brushes

Whether you’re starting out or just brushing up on your skills as an artist using Procreate, mastering watercolor brushes is essential. The

Master Watercolor Brushes collection includes a variety of brushes, each producing their unique texture and depth.

Shading brushes add depth, warmth, and color tone to your artwork, enhance volume and each brush is ideal for certain parts of the painting. For expressive and abstract works, the wet-in-wet brushes are appropriate.

Whereas, texture and patterned brushes like the wash stamp brushes help to create organic elements and are useful for backgrounds and undulating elements.


In conclusion, regardless of whether you’re a professional artist or an amateur, the digital painting world is open to all. With Procreate and its watercolor brushes, you can create beautiful, artistic masterpieces with realistic-looking brushstrokes, textures, and depth.

Digital painting has become a medium that provides more freedom to the artists and lets them manipulate the paint in endless ways. Using Procreate, you can just get started without investing in pricey equipment and materials.

If you’re not comfortable using traditional painting, try your hands on digital, it’s a new way to express your artistic skills.When it comes to digital watercolor painting, Procreate provides a plethora of options that help artists create masterful artworks. Procreate offers various watercolor brushes, each serving a unique purpose and providing a different effect.

This article aims to explore more of these watercolor brushes, including

AquaReal Watercolor Brushes,

Everything Watercolor Brushes, as well as brush kits and tutorials.

AquaReal Watercolor Brushes

One of the best watercolor brush kits for Procreate includes the

AquaReal Watercolor Brushes, which is a set of realistic watercolor tools designed to create stunning watercolor effects. The brush kit consists of 12 brush types, ranging from blending brushes to paintbrushes.

The blending brushes can create subtle textures by blending colors together in a natural way. On the other hand, the paintbrushes create a realistic-looking effect that mimics the appearance of watercolors on paper.


AquaReal Watercolor Brushes are perfect for artists looking to create expressive and realistic artworks that incorporate intricate details and blended colors.

Everything Watercolor Brushes


Everything Watercolor Brushes collection is an extensive set of Procreate brushes with 128 different brushes. This brush kit is perfect for lettering, adding special effects, and creating watercolor backgrounds.

The brushes allow for a wide range of styles from bold and expressive to subtle and delicate. The collection includes various lettering brushes that allow artists to create elegant typography for a more professional look in their artwork.


Everything Watercolor Brushes provide a wide range of brush types, including washes, splatters, textures, and more, to achieve that perfect watercolor effect.

Ink and Watercolor Brushes for Procreate

Ink and watercolor are two mediums that often go hand in hand, and combining them can result in a beautiful effect. This brush kit provides ink and watercolor brushes separately, but creative artists can blend them to create incredible combined ink and watercolor effects.

The Ink and Watercolor Brushes set consists of 24 brushes perfect for artists with diverse styles. The brushes feature ink washes, fine details, and paper textures that can be blended into watercolor washes for a unique combination.

With some practice and skill, artists can create stunning hand-drawn ink illustrations with watercolor backgrounds.

Realistic Watercolor Toolkit


Realistic Watercolor Toolkit is a brush kit that offers various textures and brushstrokes to create an authentic watercolor effect. The toolkit includes 41 brushes that mimic different hand strokes, watercolor washes, and splatters.

This set comes with a bonus of 7 paper textures that add a natural feel to the artwork. The brushes are perfect for creating photorealistic watercolor paintings that can be used in digital art, graphic design, and even printing.


Realistic Watercolor Toolkit is perfect for building a portfolio or creating a professional look for businesses.

Procreate Watercolor Masterclass

Procreate Watercolor Masterclass is an in-depth tutorial that covers everything there is to know about watercolor painting in Procreate. It includes 26 videos explaining all the elements of digital watercoloring, breaking down the techniques and offering tips and tricks to improve on skills.

The course covers set up, color schemes, brush settings, layering techniques, and more. The

Procreate Watercolor Masterclass is a fantastic way for artists to learn how to use Procreate Watercolor brushes and get the most out of the app.


In conclusion, digital watercolor painting has never been easier thanks to Procreate’s vast range of watercolor brushes. Each brush set provides unique textures, brushstrokes, and effects, helping artists create professional-looking artworks at a fraction of the time and cost.

AquaReal Watercolor Brushes,

Everything Watercolor Brushes,

Ink and Watercolor Brushes for Procreate,

Realistic Watercolor Toolkit, and

Procreate Watercolor Masterclass are all great additions to the Procreate brush library that can significantly improve and advance your digital watercolor art.Procreate’s watercolor brushes have revolutionized digital art, and the best part is that artists do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money on them. There are various free and low-cost Procreate watercolor brushes available online that offer plenty of tools and resources to create impressive artworks.

In this article, we will explore some of these brushes and additional resources that can help improve anyone’s digital watercolor art.

Free Watercolor Brushes for Procreate

For artists who are starting with Procreate, it’s always wise to experiment with free resources before investing in more expensive brush sets. The Procreate Portfolio website has a range of free watercolor brushes that artists can download and use.

The website features brushes designed for various effects like blending, wet in wet, and washes that can produce realistic-looking watercolor artworks. However, they are not as comprehensive as paid sets, but they are a great starting point for anyone looking to try watercolor digital painting but do not want to spend a lot of money on brushes.

Free Watercolor Splash and Splatter Brushes

Georg Graf von Westphalen provides free watercolor splash and splatter brushes, which are perfect for adding a unique touch to any artwork. The brushes create a splatter-filled background that can be used to add depth and texture to artworks.

The set comes with 35 brushes and is ideal for creating organic artwork that incorporates the natural look of watercolor. Splatter brushes can be used for backgrounds and as standalone elements in digital art.

They are flexible and can be used in a multitude of ways in various styles.

Free Brushes from Maja Faber

Maja Faber is a Swedish artist, and she has created various free brush sets based on different mediums, including watercolor. Her free watercolor brush set for Procreate includes 10 brushes that imitate various effects of watercolor painting.

The brushes range from blending brushes to granulating washes, allowing artists to create the authentic watercolor effect. The free brush set is available on her website and is perfect for artists of all levels looking to create watercolor art on Procreate.

Free Watercolor Procreate Tutorials

Skillshare is an excellent platform for artists looking for tutorials on digital watercolor painting on Procreate. The platform offers a wide range of free and paid courses that cover techniques like blending, layering, and opacity.

The tutorials help artists understand the basics of Procreate, and they can use this knowledge to create their own artworks. The courses range from beginner to advanced levels, making it easy for anyone to find a course that fits their needs.

Finding the Best Procreate Watercolor Brushes

Finding the best watercolor brushes set for Procreate can be challenging. As such, it’s essential to consider the brushes’ designs, textures, brush strokes, and saturation to achieve realistic watercolor effects.

Many artists recommend checking online for reviews, comparing brush textures, and experimenting on a free or low-cost brush set before purchasing quality brush sets. The ideal brush sets should offer a range of brushes that can create a vast range of effects, including different brushstroke sizes and textures that contribute to a realistic representation of watercolors.


In conclusion, free and low-cost Procreate watercolor brushes are an excellent way to explore digital painting without breaking the bank. With tools like Procreate Portfolio, Georg Graf von Westphalen’s splatter brushes, Maja Faber’s Watercolor Brush Set, and Skillshare’s free tutorials, anyone can improve their skills and create impressive works of art.

Additionally, when investing in paid brush sets, it’s essential to research and compare brush sets, considering texture, saturation, and brush stroke sizes to ensure that the brush set of choice contributes to realistic watercolor effects.Procreate has gained immense popularity among digital artists for its versatile painting capabilities, especially when it comes to watercolor brushes. As with any software, there are often questions and concerns regarding the use and compatibility of watercolor brushes in Procreate.

This article aims to address some frequently asked questions about Procreate watercolor brushes, including downloading and saving brushes, compatibility with Photoshop brushes, and blending techniques.

Downloading Watercolor Brushes

To download watercolor brushes for Procreate, artists should first look for reputable websites or online platforms that offer brush downloads. Many artists and brush creators share their work for free or offer paid brush sets.

It’s important to pay attention to the file format provided when downloading brushes. Procreate specifically uses the .brush format.

After downloading the brushes, artists can import them into Procreate by opening the Files app on their iPad, locating the downloaded brush file, and tapping on it. Procreate will automatically add the new brushes to the brush library.

Saving Downloaded Brushes

Once brushes are downloaded and imported into Procreate, artists may want to save the brushes somewhere convenient for future use. Procreate offers several ways to save brushes.

One method is to create a custom brush set within Procreate. By tapping the “+” icon on the top right corner of the brush library, artists can create a new brush set and easily organize their downloaded brushes.

Another option is to use cloud storage services such as Dropbox or iCloud to save the .brush files. By exporting the brushes to these platforms, artists can access their brushes across multiple devices and ensure they are backed up securely.

Compatibility with Photoshop Brushes

Compatibility between Procreate and Photoshop brushes is a common concern for digital artists. Unfortunately, Procreate does not natively support Photoshop brush files (.abr).

However, there are methods to convert and use Photoshop brushes in Procreate. Artists can use third-party applications or online converters to convert .abr files into Procreate-compatible formats.

Once the conversion is complete, artists can import the converted brushes into Procreate using the same method described earlier for downloading brushes. It’s important to note that while many brushes can be successfully converted, not all Photoshop brushes will translate perfectly in Procreate due to differences in brush engines and capabilities.

Blending Watercolors on Procreate

Blending is an essential technique when working with watercolor brushes in Procreate. To blend watercolors effectively, artists can utilize the smudge option in Procreate.

This option allows artists to blend and smudge colors together, creating seamless transitions and organic effects. By selecting a watercolor brush and activating the smudge tool from the brush library, artists can gently drag their stylus across the painted areas to blend the colors.

Experimenting with different brush styles, opacities, and the amount of pressure applied can produce a range of blending effects. It’s also worth exploring the brush library in Procreate, as it offers numerous pre-designed brushes specifically created for blending watercolors.


In conclusion, Procreate watercolor brushes offer artists a versatile and intuitive platform for digital painting. By understanding how to download and save brushes, artists can expand their brush library with ease.

While Procreate may not support Photoshop brushes directly, using third-party converters allows for some compatibility. Blending techniques using the smudge option in Procreate can produce realistic effects when working with watercolor brushes.

With these FAQs addressed, artists can confidently explore and experiment with Procreate’s watercolor brushes to create stunning watercolor artworks. In conclusion, understanding the ins and outs of Procreate watercolor brushes is essential for artists seeking to elevate their digital artworks.

By addressing frequently asked questions such as downloading and saving brushes, compatibility with Photoshop brushes, and blending techniques, artists can fully harness the power of Procreate. From free options to low-cost brush sets, there are abundant resources available to explore and experiment with.

The ability to create realistic watercolor effects in a digital environment opens up endless possibilities for artists to express their creativity. So, embrace the world of Procreate watercolor brushes and unlock your artistic potential.

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