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Unleashing your inner artist: Tips for drawing a Demon Slayer character

Drawing a Demon Slayer: Tips and Tricks for Bringing Your Character to Life

Are you a fan of the popular anime series Demon Slayer? Do you dream of bringing your very own demon slayer to life on paper or screen?

In this article, we will offer tips and tricks for creating a unique demon slayer character design, capturing their personality, and adding your personal touches to the final product.

Demon Slayer Character Design

When designing your demon slayer’s appearance, three primary keywords should guide your choices: outfit, hairstyle, and facial features. Start with the outfit, as this will be the most defining feature of your character.

Think about what type of demon slayer your character is — are they a powerful warrior or a stealthy assassin? What materials would they wear?

Will they wear a mask or carry any special weapons or tools? As for hairstyle, this can be just as important as the outfit in terms of character design.

Consider what type of hair your demon slayer would wear and how it might affect their personality. Would they have long flowing hair or a short sharp cut?

Finally, facial features are key indicators of personality. What does your demon slayer’s face say about them?

Bold eyes can express a confident energy, while an understated nose can show focus and determination. Capturing Your Character’s Personality

Once you have established your character’s appearance, it’s time to capture their personality in your art.

Brave, determined, and full of spirit and energy are all characteristics that should be visible in your demon slayer’s poses and action scenes. Dynamic poses can help convey bravery and determination.

Consider creating poses with your character wielding their weapons, ready for action. When creating action scenes, focus on capturing the intense energy and movement of the moment.

This can be achieved by experimenting with different lighting and shading effects, as well as creating blurred movement lines.

Adding Personal Touches to Your Character

Now that you have your demon slayer’s appearance and personality down, it’s time to add your own personal touches to make your character unique. Creativity is key when adding personal touches to your character.

Consider different techniques or styles you could use to make your demon slayer stand out. You could add some traditional sketch lines to your digital illustration, or use bright colors in your character’s outfit to make them pop.

Adding a little bit of fun to your character can also make them more memorable. Consider adding an Easter egg by having your character wear a t-shirt with a cool reference on it, or even including a small inside joke.

Step-by-Step Demon Slayer Tutorial

To help you bring your demon slayer to life, here is a step-by-step tutorial:

Step 1: Drawing the Head

Begin by drawing an oval shape for the head. Step 2: Drawing the Main Body

Next, draw a rectangular shape for the torso and a dress shape for the lower body.

Step 3: Adding the Lower Body

Add short ends to connect the legs and torso. Step 4: Drawing the Legs

Add shoes, visible leg lines, and a side view for realism.

Step 5: Adding Shoes

Ensure your character’s shoes are anatomically correct for both front and side angles. Step 6: Drawing the Arms

Include necklines on your demon slayer’s outfit, and consider crossed arms to add depth.

Step 7: Adding Facial Guidelines

Add vertical and horizontal lines to guide you in placing facial features. Step 8: Drawing Facial Features

Add eyes, nose, and ear with a realistic angle.

Step 9: Shading the Face

Add facial outline and construction with guidelines before shading. Step 10: Drawing the Hair

Add hairline splits and spikes to bring your character’s hairstyle to life.



When creating your demon slayer character, it’s important to consider the outfit, hairstyle, facial features, poses, and personal touches that will bring your character to life. By experimenting and being creative, you can create a unique character that is both memorable and powerful.

So get started today and unleash your inner demon slayer artist!

Drawing is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the world of Demon Slayer and have a creative outlet. Once you have completed the basic steps in the process to create your demon slayer sketch, adding detailed touches to your work will elevate it from good to great.

In this article, we will explore how to add details to your demon slayer sketch, as well as how to add color. Step 11: Adding the Collar

The collar of your demon slayer’s outfit can accentuate the shoulder line and complete the look.

Make sure to draw the collar this time around and ensure that it is proportional to the outfit and head size. Step 12: Outlining the Sleeves

When outlining the sleeves, think of baggy-looking sleeves for a more distinct look.

This adds a more anime feel to your demon slayer character and makes them look more active during combat. Step 13: Outlining the Arms

Outlining the arms includes visible portions and requires precision.

You should spend a considerable amount of time capturing the arms’ structure and emphasis on details that bring your demon slayer character to life. Step 14: Outlining the Skirt

The lower body construction lines should frame the lower body, and you should also add the tied belt.

This makes your demon slayer look more organized and presentable. Step 15: Outlining the Legs and Shoes

When outlining the legs and shoes, you should add visible construction lines.

This ensures that the legs’ dimensions are proportional to the rest of the body. As for the shoes, make sure that they accentuate the overall outfit and character design.

Step 16: Drawing the Armor Plates

Drawing the armor plates involves adding rectangle armor plates and oval shapes to the outfit. This adds a more Japanese feel to your work and makes your demon slayer character look like they are ready for battle.

Step 17: Drawing the Headband

A visible headband with seam lines gives your demon slayer character a stunning and unique visual look. It can appear as a finishing touch to the overall outfit of the character.

Coloring the Demon Slayer Sketch

Now that youre done with the pencil sketch and have outlined everything, it’s time to color your demon slayer character. Follow these steps to add some color to your demon slayer sketch.

Step 18: Detailing the Facial Features

Start coloring by detailing the facial feature construction lines. Make sure to add paint to the eyes, nostrils, mouth, ear, and wrist bracelets.

This will help create a 3D look for the character. Step 19: Applying the First Color Coat

The first color coat should be a light peach paint.

This should be applied to the visible leg areas. Step 20: Adding Color to the Outfit

Add green paint to the sleeves, skirt, buttons, and collar.

This is where you will begin to see your demon slayer starting to come to life. Step 21: Coloring the Armor

The collar area of the demon slayer should have dark gray paint.

Step 22: Applying the Second Coat on the Armor

The top half of the body and armor plates should have a lighter gray paint. This creates a beautiful contrast and really emphasizes the armor.

Step 23: Coloring the Hair

Using maroon paint, add color to your character’s hair.

Step 24: Adding Color to the Shoes

Your demon slayer’s shoes should have a mix of dark green, light brown, and gray paint.

Don’t forget to also color the belt, bracelets, and hairband for a uniform look. Step 25: Coloring the Eyes

Add white, green, and black paint to the eyes, eyebrows and eyelids to make them stand out.

Step 26: Shading the Skin

Create depth and shadowing to the skin using small soft brush and maroon paint. Use a blending brush and white paint to create lighter highlight spots for maximum effect.

Step 27: Adding Shading to the Outfit

Use a fine sharp brush with black paint on crease lines. For soft shading, use black paint sparingly.

Step 28: Highlighting the Armor

Use a fine sharp brush and white paint on the collar and lower armor where light falls normally. This creates a more defined contrast with the gray color coat from step 22.

Step 29: Texturing the Hair

Using black paint and a fine brush stroke, texture the hair to create an anime-like feel. Use small soft brush and shading to enhance the overall look.

Use white paint to create light highlights to the hair for more contrast. Step 30: Shading the Shoes

Using white paint, add light shading and create shading streak lines to the shoes.

Use black paint for soft shading. Don’t forget to shade the wrist bracelets and hair band subtly using gray paint.

Step 31: Detailing the Eyes

Using a thin brush, use black paint to define the pupil and iris. For shading, use a small soft brush and shading for the surrounding areas.

Use white paint for shimmer to create the full eye effect. Step 32: Adding a Ground Shadow

Create a shading beneath the shoes using a soft brush and black paint.

Use a blending brush to spread and soften the edges. Step 33: Finalizing the Drawing

Use an eraser to remove rough outlines and other unwanted details.

Use a fine sharp brush for a seamless, polished result.


Adding details and outlining after your initial sketch and coloring will result in a beautifully finished demon slayer character. With these detailed steps and process, you will create a unique and captivating character that will stand out among the Demon Slayer universe.

In conclusion, creating a Demon Slayer character requires careful consideration of their appearance, personality, and the addition of personal touches to make them unique. By following a step-by-step tutorial and adding details such as collars, sleeves, armor plates, and facial features, you can bring your demon slayer sketch to life.

Coloring the sketch further enhances its visual impact, and by understanding how to apply color to different elements, you can create a captivating and dynamic character. The process of adding details and coloring is crucial in capturing the essence of your demon slayer and ensuring that they stand out in the Demon Slayer universe.

So, unleash your creativity and let your demon slayer conquer the hearts of fans worldwide with their fearless spirit and striking design.

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